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Bankruptcy Slipow, Robusto & Kellam, P.C. in Virginia Beach, VA

If your circumstances have caused your debt to become unmanageable, we can help you seek relief under Bankruptcy laws. Are creditors garnishing your wages? Are there judgments pending against you? Have you been served with a warrant in debt? Would you like to get a clean start so you can manage your finances? Call us and schedule an appointment to discuss Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. The consultation is free.

It is important to know what rights and options you have under the Bankruptcy Code. Our experienced attorney will meet with you to give you helpful advice and counsel you on options. Each bankruptcy scenario is different, so it is important you talk to someone who is familiar with Bankruptcy law.

An explanation of the difference between secured debt and unsecured debt will help your decision making process, and our attorney can lay out the specifications of both. Knowing whether to file a Chapter 7 “Liquidation” or a Chapter 13 “Reorganization” could make the difference in whether you succeed in taking care of debt and getting a discharge in Bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy can usually help to get rid of most unsecured debts. You may also be able to get rid of secured debts if you so choose or keep some you would like to keep depending on your financial situation. If you have fallen behind on certain secured debts, Chapter 13 offers options for you if you qualify. To find out what chapter best suits your needs, come talk to our attorney today, and let him help you begin fixing your financial burden.
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