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Family Law Slipow, Robusto & Kellam, P.C. in Virginia Beach, VA

Our firm can provide you with an experienced attorney to guide you through Divorce, Custody, Visitation, Child Support and many other Family Law issues and disputes. Come in for a free consultation as to your rights on a variety of family law matters. Find out how the process works from an experienced and caring attorney.

Among other information, the attorney will provide the knowledge of fault based vs. no-fault based divorce and the difference between a contested and uncontested divorce. If you are in the military or are a military spouse, come in to find out what rights you have with regard to retirement, health insurance, etc. in divorce proceedings. Our attorney will explain the procedure for dealing with a contested custody and what roles the parties play throughout the process.

Not sure how child support is calculated? Our attorney can explain the guidelines used and factors that could lead to a deviation from those guidelines. The attorney will listen to your questions and concerns and help facilitate your case to assist in getting your voice heard in court. Whether you are trying to come to a settlement outside of court or need help in presenting your case to the judge, our firm is ready to support you. We are experienced in all Hampton Roads Area Juvenile & Domestic Relation District Courts and Circuit Courts.
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